China should release birth restrictions



实话说,我认为短期内(三、五年之内)并没有可能。和希特勒大屠杀一样,所有执行者都认为自己没有责任, 但是那么多犹太人,站着不动让希特勒去杀,他一辈子也杀不完的。



As we all know, China has entered an aging society. However, up to now, only one couple are allowed to have two children in China.

It is generally believed that when a country’s 65-year-old elderly population accounts for 7%, it enters an aging society, with a proportion of 14% entering a deep-aged society and 20% entering a super-aging society.

In 2018, Liaoning, Shanghai, Shandong, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Chongqing, six provinces or municipalities have reached the stage of deep aging.

It is expected that China will enter a deep-aging society in 2025. In order to cope with the shortage of labor, taxes and pensions, China should liberalize birth restrictions.

There is an ancient Chinese prose,”Peacock flying southeast”, which tells a tragic love story. The leading lady Liulanzhi’s mother-in-law is not satisfied, so Liulanzhi must leave her husband and go home. Finally, the Chief actor Jiaozhongqin and his wife Liulanzhi successively committed suicide to rebellion against the society that person who love each other can’t be together.

In China’s history, it has always been a male-dominated society. Although only women have fertility, the right of marriage has always been in the hands of the father and the older-brother. Women do not have the right to choose marriage and childbearing.

However, nowadays, if women want to have a child, she must have a pregnancy permit, and the pregnancy permit is linked to a marriage certificate. Women must have the aid of man, can have a child. Fertility behavior of single woman is to be teased by the society, which shows that China does not respect the women’s childbearing right.

Childbearing right is one of human rights. It is against the constitution to restrict the Fertility behavior by various means. If lesbians and gay men must have a fake marriage to have a child, such a law will force people to have recourse to deception.

Can such a law be said to be justice?

Most young people in modern society pay more attention to self-realization, so the current marriage rate and the fertility rate are falling.

If the marriage and childbearing are forcibly linked as in Japan. The result is obvious.

In Japan, the lifetime unmarried rate is 23.37% for men and 14.06% for women. Similar to Japan, the result of forcibly link marriage and childbearing will make the cost of marriage extremely huge, leading people unmarried. In 2018, the national marriage rate was 7.2%, which is equivalent to only 7 out of 1,000 people are married. This shows that people’s willingness to marry is gradually decreasing, not to mention childbearing.

Therefore, in order to improve the fertility rate.

Let’s make children born without permission can normally register residence.

Let’s make a friendly social environment to single women.

This is an urgent task.

The continuation of strict family planning is nothing but the government’s laziness, the excuses of the corrupt institutions. And strictly combat children born without permission. This is what our government has done in the past and now.

Japan today is likely to be our tomorrow.

In summary, China should completely release birth restrictions!